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Attorney Kelley Durham’s Book On Personal Injury Has Been Published

Personal Injury Lawyer Kelley Durham of K Durham Law PLLC has published her first piece of literature on her area of focus in May of 2017. She titled her book “Personal Injury: Introduction to Arizona Personal Injury Claims,” and has provided readers with helpful information on each step of the personal injury claims process – namely, auto accidents. Read more on this in our official press release.

Bar Fights, Personal Injuries And Your Security

Everyone enjoys a night out with friends, particularly at a local bar, club or restaurant where people gather to be social, have fun and share a good time. Rarely do you expect to suffer injuries when you go out for one of these events. You especially do not plan to be involved in a fight, altercation or physical confrontation. But these types of venues are commonly the scene for thousands of patrons’ injuries each year. Assaults are all too common in drinking establishments and social places. If you suffer personal injury in a bar fight, what rights do you have… Read More

Herpes Fast Facts

It is infection that causes contusion on your different body parts that are private and especially mouth. Herpes can be irritating and it does cause serious medical problems. Here, some of its facts and realities are examined beneath: Herpes simplex causes a viral skin condition known as mouth blisters (on confront), whitlows (on fingers) or “herpes” on private parts or other skin zones As numerous as one out of three grown-ups has the infection that causes genital herpes. Around 80% of individuals tainted with genital herpes don’t know they have the infection since they have extremely mellow manifestations or none… Read More

Significance Of A Cruise Contract

Not many passengers who look at their cruise ship tickets will analyze its content; they will just merely glance at it upon purchase. Yet, that contract is very important specifically when someone is injured while on board a cruise ship. Therefore, reading the contract in all its detail is extremely important before vacationing on a cruise ship. When, how, and where a file needs to be done will be explained in that contract, and for someone who is injured, this is vital information. The influence that these contracts have when filing a claim for an injury endured during a cruise… Read More

Heavy Machinery And Equipment Accidents Attorney

In many occupations, heavy machinery, vehicles, and large equipment are involved to do the job. Employees work with and nearby them every day. Unfortunately, the risk of accidents and injuries increases greatly due to constant exposure. If any worker gets hurt in the heavy machinery or equipment, and injuries become a hinder in his/her routine, a long-term disfigurement or disability, and medical attention. Major injuries could severely change the abilities. A terrible injury may even result in disability, which places the employee in need of workers’ compensation. Whatever the circumstances are after the accident at work, the Zrawa Law group… Read More

Before Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer, Ask Him These Crucial Questions

There are numerous personal injury attorneys out there, just waiting for a case like yours. Unfortunately, lawyers come in all shapes and sizes. Not all of them will be able to give you the best advice for your particular case. It is important that you ask him a few questions before trusting him with your case – and your money. Here are a few questions that you should ask your personal injury lawyer before hiring them. Are You Experienced? Often times, you will be faced with the predicament of having a completely new lawyer on your hands. That is absolutely… Read More

Driveway Accidents: How One Can Get Properly Compensated For An Injury Of A Little One

There are some things in life that people prefer not to think about. Their homes and their driveways not being safe is one of them. It is true that a home is rather safer than most places, but some accidents can occur even in these locations. As they say, prevention is always better than cure, sometimes, not everyone is so fortunate. People tend to wind up in situations that they have never expected and then are left with wondering what course of action they should take up next. Accidents especially are something that no one can ever be prepared for,… Read More


After the cars involved in a crash have stopped moving and both drivers and passengers have checked for bodily injury and vehicle damage, the blame game begins. Accurately establishing liability immediately following a motor vehicle accident is important, especially in fault states like Arizona. Auto insurance carriers consider factors like the accident type and state law violations when apportioning fault and calculating payment percentages, but injured victims may still have to sue for damages like medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering. Types of Fault The main causes of crashes that injure people are negligence, reckless or wanton conduct… Read More


Arizona’s warm, dry air and relatively affluent population account for a proliferation of private and public swimming pools. Unfortunately, Arizona also has a major problem with swimming pool accidents, making it 1 of 10 states where drowning surpasses all other causes of death to children ages 14 and younger. Overall, about 3,000 people drown in the U.S. each year. In July 2010, Arizona had already experienced nearly 100 drownings, making this year one of its deadliest for drowning incidents. Mesa, Ariz., a community of nearly 500,000 residents, has already had six drowning or near-drowning incidents in 2010 for children ages… Read More


Before a recent fatal traffic accident in Georgia, a passenger sent a text to her sister’s cell phone expressing her concern that the driver had just taken Oxycontin, a powerful narcotic for which the driver had a prescription. Soon thereafter, the passenger was dead as a result of a car accident for which the driver has not yet been charged, pending further investigation. Anyone who operates a motor vehicle has a duty of care to their passengers and to anyone else on the roadways including pedestrians. The reasonableness of the driver’s actions may be judged on the particular circumstances or… Read More